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Quiet Encounters

      While travelling around Thailand I took to photographing the peri-urban landscapes that I encountered in between the places I was visiting. It’s a raw mixture of development that blurs the difference between town and country. I don’t make judgments about what it looks like. Instead I linger quizzically at scenes we tend to glance by without noticing. Through these photographs I want to ponder the tastes and lifestyles that have led Thai society to change our landscape in this way. Sometimes progress that are made by ourselves or those around us according to our own satisfaction with our own simple and unpretentious taste, can make us proud of our achievements that were not restricted by rules, affluent values or tastes set by other people. No pressures, no stressful competitions, but just being ourselves.   Therefore only we know best our own happiness, and also letting go and being able to see beauty in all things.

Quiet Encounters 1

Quiet Encounters 2