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Solitude standing

             It was my love of photographing the important historical edifice in Bangkok that led me to this work called ‘Solitude Standing’ where I turn my photographs into collages. All architectural structures deteriorate with time and no renovation can take them back to its original atmosphere. I set out to document these time honoured buildings for future generations to appreciate. Each of the structures temples and houses that I photographed are over 100 years old, and are getting older.

Ban Rattanatibet (1996)

Wat Arunrajawararam (1996)

Pha U-Bosot Wat Phapatomjedi (2003)

Sunanthalai building #1 (1996)

Sunanthalai building #2 (1996)

Sunanthalai building #3 (1996)

Wang Saranrom (1996)

Sala Samranmukamas (2003)

Prasart Phathepbidon (2003)

Wat Benjamaborpit (2003)

Wat Rajathivas #1 (2003)

Wat Rajathivas #2 (2003)

Wang saphan khoa (1996)